Pertinent Tips for Making Exhibition Stands Successful

Exhibition stands have been used effectively by entrepreneurs to market their products over a long period of time. Their main objective is to capture the imagination of the customers and incite them to purchase the products. The main components used by marketers in such campaigns are eye-catching colors, graphics and messages. This strategy is also meant to spread information about products among prospective customers. This type of marketing requires a lot of effort and time.

This article offers some tips which will enable you to make your exhibition stands a hit among the customers:

Offer free products- At the display, you can offer free gifts to people. You can also offer discount vouchers to those attending your display. There is also the option of giving away a few samples as free gifts. All these steps, will help in making your efforts successful.

Promote on social media- Almost every commercial venture has its accounts on various social media websites now. An established business will also have a considerable number of followers. So if you are planning to hold a display then you must post information regarding it on the social media platforms. You can publish images regarding the competitions and other interesting activities that will be held during the program. All this will create interest among the social media followers and encourage them to attend the display.

Give free refreshments- Offering free coffee or cold drinks to a few customers would not cost you much. But this can certainly help in diverting the attention of customers towards your products. In this manner you will be able to create interest among people, who might not be interested in your products.

Galvanize your support staff- The staff members who will display your products at the exhibition must be properly groomed for the job. They should be told how to dress up and communicate with prospective customers. Their behavior will play a key role in the success of your strategy. It is important to hire refined and energetic personnel for the event.

Try to make the event interesting- In order to captivate the viewers, you have to make the event interesting. Your support staff can put up an act. You can also run popular music. Anything which arouses interest among the audience would be useful.

Generally this type of marketing is used, when new products are launched by companies. Display stands are used in markets, shopping malls, trade exhibitions etc to arouse the interest of customers. If used effectively they can play a key role in optimizing the sales potential and creating a unique brand image.

Innovative Ways In Which Digital Signage Engages With Target Audiences

Serving as immensely effective communications tools, digital signage and related innovative displays are helping markets show television programming, advertising, product information and all other messages in smarter ways. These digital signs are no longer simple electronic posters or displays with one-way communication. In the contemporary scene, they are enabling interactive experiences with the aid of dynamic content backed by advanced analytics and innovative two-way communication strategies.

With these digital display tools in place, organizations are cutting through information clutter and commanding the attention of their target audiences. Mobile applications, dynamic content, and social media are being linked with bold digital signage-and are impacting the decision of their viewers.

Digital Display-Integral Part of your Marketing Mix

Here are some innovative ways in which digital signage solutions are boosting marketing strategies:

Content Strategy

Signage driven by digital solutions and their networks, are completely content dependent. They integrate effective content strategy to allow your target audience to engage with you; with relevant and fresh content in place. Their centrally managed networks bring in frequent content changes that align with your core marketing strategy. This helps your audience see different, targeted messaging, whenever they visit your environment, or while viewing specific advertising campaigns.


With content consumption of mobile devices users growing at an exponential rate, marketing teams are enhancing user experiences through digital signage interactions. Now, digital signs are being customized to enable interactions with showcased content, via mobile devices. The relevant information depicted in these display systems can be downloaded by scanning visible codes on the screen. This digital signage strategy helps smartphone users retain related information, even after they have walked away from the display site.

Social Media

How often do you press the “hot button” of social media each day? The buzzword of today’s connected generation, platforms such as Facebook,LinkedIn, and Twitter are constantly helping brands with their customer interactions. This is where digital signage is leveraging the advantages of social media experiences too. For instance, businesses are employing on-site displays for inviting visitors using Foursquare allowing them to check-in at a venue. Also, digital displays are being implemented by organizations for enhancing their Facebook presence, by encouraging viewers to “Like” their official pages.

Way Forward with Digital Signage

Digital signage engagements are making companies present a high-tech, contemporary feel that connects well with customers. In future, small and large organizations will surely find better and more innovative means of using digital solutions for reaching out to their target audiences–and in the best possible ways. The ability of connecting multiple displays to mobile devices, dynamic content, and social media is adding to the richness of this medium. This in turn is helping organizations use digital signage for informing, influencing, reinforcing branding, providing direction, and yielding many business benefits for attaining interactive communications strategies.

How a Trading Stand Can Be Beneficial at Corporate Events

British summer time is when you will see many events organized with people crowding the various events to enjoy their time out. Also, it is the time when several companies get a chance to display their products to people who visit the event. Most of these companies do business through their retail physical shops; however with the intent to earn some extra money, they take part at these events starting from music festival to sports events, trade shows, etc. In addition to selling ice creams or drinks, during the British summer time, businesses sell lots of other items including branded logos or T-shirts related to the event.

All these people need a trading stand to display their products to attract people towards them. However, you must not forget that such a stand serves as an advertising tool. A beautifully designed trader’s stand can instantly capture the eyeballs of people who have come to buy products or solution like yours. Besides, today, it is possible to get customised trading stand. You just need to search for a good manufacturer who has experience of creating customizable trading stands. When your potential customers will see such a stand with your company logo or attractive graphics on it they will develop an interest to come closer to your stand to see what you have to offer. In this way, you can capture eyeballs of many people and create awareness about the products available for sale. For example, if your company sells toys, you should have a trader’s stand with pictures of different toys on it. This will immediately draw people’s attention towards your stand.

Branded gazebos can also act as a great shelter. Suddenly when the weather gets bad and there is no shelter close by, people will run to your tent to take lodging. Whether it is heavy rain or scotching heat of the sun, your trading stand will be your ideal hiding spot. Summer traders should install a tent that acts as a shelter and also gives people the perfect reason to stay longer enticing them to buy. These gazebos can give a lot of information about your company, its history, about the management and most importantly about the products. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events including walk-up meets, seminars, exhibits, trade shows, and more. Good manufacturing companies will make pop up tents that are easy to install and helps for 360 degree promotion of a brand. Moreover, they look professional with logos and images positioned in perfect order to attract many people. These tents are easy to set up and dismantle after the event is over

Corporate pop up tents are available in different sizes and shapes to meet varied purposes of companies. However, one disadvantage of bespoke trading stand is that you have to fit every part in just the right way to make it stand erect. The slightest mistake and your tent will fall. Usually you set up a trader’s stand one way and so if you have two events to take part in short time span, it might not prove so much useful. Another problem is if any part breaks or damage the tent needs change.

Companies can start using modular systems that have more flexible parts, easy to fix and stand. You can also order pop up tents with removable and easy to renew panels.

Pop Up Tents: An Ideal & Cost-Effective Way to Advertise

One of the great free promotional materials today is promotional tents. They are increasingly used by companies, big and small to draw people and groups they want to reach out to. They are like a big billboard that you get to see on the streets been installed by various organizations to market their products or services to the public. One of the main benefits of these tents is that you can customize them to meet your specific business needs. For example, you can add a particular message and customize the same which you want others to view and take an urgent call to action. These tents are typically used for marketing purpose – in corporate events such as trade shows, exhibits, fairs, and more. They have become an affordable and effective way of promotion in the corporate world.

Also known as pop up tents, they are easy to install and fix. You don’t require any ability or help of a technical person to set up the tent. Companies can use these tents for their own marketing benefits in multiple ways. A tent can be opened from the middle to showcase your products and to keep other equipment or machinery comfortably. Not only are the tents easy to assemble and disassemble, but they are also provide instant shelter to things and people when there is a sudden downpour or storm outside the event. These promotional tents act as a roof during an adverse weather condition and are quite spacious to take shelter. Various researches have shown that when people feel most comfortable, they are likely to stay for longer in a place. That is what exactly a pop up tent can do for you; it can drive largest potential customers to your stall in any corporate event to maximize your sale and revenue.

There are multiple uses of these heavy-duty tents. For example, you can place them in a parking area, in a meeting, for advertising outdoors, and so on. Because they are easy to install and portable, it makes these tents the perfect marketing tool for companies irrespective of their size and type.

Do not be in a hurry when choosing a promotional tent since they can attract many people to your business. Choose the color and design wisely and also if required talk to the tent manufacturing company about customization. You can add messages, your company logo as well as images on the outside of the tent to catch eyeballs. A colorful tent with a beautiful logo or graphics is sure to attract event attendees in short time. The goal of these tents is to create awareness about your company, to make people know what you are selling and to compel them buy your products and become loyal customers. They give people a good idea of what your products are and how they will be benefited if they buy them. So, in a sense, pop up tents help to save your company’s valuable time and money by not investing in costly advertisements.